Biology / Biomedical Sciences
School of Environmental Sciences / Life Sciences

Seminar Series

2015-16 - Semester 2

Seminars take place at 13:15 in Hardy Building Lecture Theatre 2. No booking necessary, all welcome.

Date Seminar
27 January 2016 Dr Mark Briffa, Plymouth University
Animal personality as a cause and consequence of contest behaviour: evidence from fighting in hermit crabs and anemones
10 February 2016 Dr Domhnall Jennings, Newcastle University
Breaking up fights: intervention behaviour in a fallow deer rut
17 February 2016 Professor John Groeger, University of Hull (Psychology)
The unequal effects of sleep loss
24 February 2016 Dr Susannah Thorpe, University of Birmingham
The arboreal origin of human bipedalism
16 March 2016 Professor Ester Hammond, University of Oxford
Modulation of hypoxia in cancer and impact on radiosensitivity
6 April 2016 Dr Luisa Orsini, University of Birmingham
Only time can tell: studying long-term evolutionary dynamics using biological archives
13 April 2016 Professor Anne McArdle, University of Liverpool
Skeletal muscle and heart protection
20 April 2016 Dr Lena Grinstead, University of Sussex
Biological markets in papers wasps
27 April 2016 Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek, Institute of Cancer Research
Pre-clinical imaging in cancer
4 May 2016 Dr Dominic Henri, University of Hull (SoBBES)
From individuals to ecosystems: animal behaviour and community structure
11 May 2016 Professor Steve Archibald, University of Hull (Chemistry)
Molecular imaging of disease
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