School of Biological, Biomedical
and Environmental Sciences

Academic Staff

To telephone a member of staff, dial 01482 46+ extension number from within the U.K.

or +44 1482 46+ extension number from outside the U.K.

Name Role Extension Email
Dr Helga Bartels-Hardege Teaching Fellow 6443
Dr Jonathan Bolland Research Associate(HIFI) 6429
Dr Thomas Breithaupt Lecturer (EG) 5924
Dr Ralf Bublitz Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357213
Dr Lyn Cawkwell Senior Lecturer (BMS) 1850
Dr Chris Cawthorne Lecturer (BMS)
Dr Isabella Capellini Lecturer (EBG) 5508
Prof. Ian Cowx Professor (HIFI) 6427
Dr Charlotte Dyer Lecturer (BMS) 6996
Prof. Mike Elliott Professor (IECS) 5503
Prof. Roland Ennos Professor (EG) 6274
Dr Camille Ettelaie Lecturer (BMS) 5528
Dr Darren Evans Senior Lecturer (EG) 5187
Dr Africa Gómez Lecturer (EBG) 5542
Prof. John Greenman Professor (BMS)/Head of School/Director of Research 6032/5502
Dr Bernd Haenfling Lecturer (EBG) 5804
Dr Joerg Hardege Reader (EG) 5496
Dr Jon Harvey Lecturer (HIFI) 6435
Dr Rebecca Hill Lecturer/Examinations Officer 5880
Dr Sue Hull Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357217
Dr Stuart Humphries Senior Lecturer (EG) 6425
Dr Bill Hutchinson Research Fellow (EBG) 2068
Dr Alex Ibhadon Senior Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357318
Dr Magnus Johnson Senior Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357255
Dr Sandra Jones Lecturer (BMS) 6463
Dr Domino Joyce Senior Lecturer (EBG) 6856
Dr Lori Lawson Handley Lecturer (EBG) 2061
Dr Dave Lunt Senior Lecturer (EBG) 5514
Dr Stephen Maher Senior Lecturer (BMS) 6543
Dr Will Mayes Senior Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357292  
Dr Lesley Morrell Lecturer (EBG) 5294
Mrs Chris Murphy Lecturer/Director of Learning & Teaching 6524
Dr Richard Noble Research Associate (HIFI) 6429
Dr Andy Nunn Research Associate (HIFI) 6429
Dr Isabel Pires Lecturer (BMS) 6656
Dr Elena Rosca Lecturer (BMS)
Prof. Jeanette Rotchell Professor (EG) 5333
Dr Laura Sadofsky Lecturer in Repiratory Medicine 1876
Dr Graham Scott Senior Lecturer/National Teaching Fellow 5198
Dr Heather Sealy-Lewis Lecturer (BMS) 5970
Dr Anne-Marie Seymour Reader (BMS) 5517
Sunil Murlidhar Shastri Lecturer (CEMS)/Admissions Tutor 01723 357221
Dr Justin Sturge Senior Lecturer (BMS) 5316
Dr Frank Voncken Lecturer (BMS) 5280
Dr Jennifer Waby Lecturer (BMS) 2062
Dr Cath Waller Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357362
Dr Phil Wheeler Lecturer (CEMS) 01723 357281

Retired and Emeritus Staff

Name Role Email
Prof. William Armstrong Emeritus Professor
Dr Jean Armstrong Senior Research Fellow (retd)
Prof. Peter Franklin Rawson Honorary Professor

Table key: BMS BioMedical Sciences, EBG Evolutionary Biology Group, EG Ecology Group, HIFI Hull International Fisheries Institute, HYMS Hull York Medical School, IECS Institute for Estuarine and Coastal Studies.

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