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Do you need to:

  • Determine if your material/product is fit for purpose?
  • Characterise your materials?
  • Identify and rectify failures?
  • Understand why a material has been contaminated?
  • Improve product performance?
  • Understand what your material is made of?

The Institute for Chemistry in Industry at the University of Hull provides a commercial materials analysis service for industry.

The Institute provide analytical services expertise for materials research, troubleshooting, and quality problems for a wide range of industries.

We have a flexible approach, tailoring our services to meet your individual requirements along with those of your organisation and your projects.

What clients have used the Institute for Chemistry in Industry?

We work with companies both close to the University of Hull and the other side of the world ranging from large multi-national companies through to SMEs and start-ups.

Industries that have used the Laboratory include:

  • Manufacturers: including paint, automotive components, heating and ventilation, caravan and components
  • Rubber processing
  • Engineering and engineering services
  • Marine surveying
  • Electronics
  • Plastics processing
  • Construction industry

What techniques and instrumentation are available?

The Materials Analysis Laboratory of the Institute is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Mettler TGA/DSC1 Thermogravimetric analysis with STAR software
  • Mettler DSC with STAR software
  • Nicolet Nexus FTIR with MCT detector, diamond ATR, specular reflectance & diffuse reflectance
  • Nicolet 380 FTIR with DTGS detector and Smart Orbit diamond ATR
  • WAS/Oxford Instruments Foundry Master Spark Emission Spectrometer programmed for aluminium, cast iron, mild steel and stainless steel

In addition the Institute has direct access to the extensive facilities within the Chemistry and Physics groups which include:

  • Scanning electron microscopy with EDX analyser
  • GC and LC/MS
  • UV/vis
  • ICP MS and ICP emission
  • Surface profiling

Specialist NEBOSH and Masters courses

We run a range of specialist part-time courses, including NEBOSH and Masters Degrees in occupational health, safety and environment subjects.

How can I contact the Institute for Chemistry in Industry?

Please contact Mr Ian Dobson, Consultancy Manager, on telephone +44 (0)1482 466412 or email

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