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Medicinal and Imaging Chemistry


The Medicinal and Imaging Chemistry theme employs a multidisciplinary approach at the interface of chemistry and biology that embraces contemporary aspects of synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, bionanotechnology and materials science.

Areas of research


Research within the biomaterials section exploits naturally occurring particles, such as nanoscale plant viruses and microscale sporopollenin (a major component of the tough outer walls of spores and pollen). Other research encompasses macromolecules from natural polymers to synthetic polymers.

Imaging agents

Researchers in the imaging agents section are developing molecular imaging agents for radiopharmaceutical techniques, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and optical imaging. The novel molecular imaging agents under development in these areas will give much more accurate understanding of the disease and better informed patient treatment

Therapeutic agents

Research within the therapeutic agents section relies heavily on the application of synthetic methods to health related problems. The majority of group members utilise synthetic procedures to obtain bespoke molecules for use as drugs or drug delivery vehicles.


Name Research interests
Prof Stephen J. Archibald PET imaging radiochemistry
Prof Ross W. Boyle Photodynamic therapy of cancer theranostics
Dr Andrew N. Boa Synthesis of biological probes
Dr Ben Murray Bio-organometallic chemistry, drug delivery
Dr Olga Efremova Optical bio-imaging, photodynamic therapy
Prof Dave Evans Novel delivery vectors
Dr Grazia Francesconi Magnetic nanoparticles for theranositics
Dr Alex Iles Lab-on-a-chip for tissue and cell research
Dr Grahame Mackenzie
Drug delivery and imaging
Prof Nicole Pamme On-chip synthesis and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.
Dr Graeme Stasiuk Multi-modal imaging agents
Dr Tony Walmsley FTIR image analysis
Dr Kevin Welham Mass spectrometry based imaging
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