School of Mathematics & Physical Sciences

Seminar programme 2016-17

All seminars take place 4:15-5:15pm in Chemistry Lecture Theatre A. No booking necessary, all welcome.

For further information, please contact Dr Jia Min Chin.

Date Seminar
18th January 2017 Professor Igor Larossa (University of Manchester)

Pd, Ag and Au in C-H activation: new methodologies for C-C bond formation

14th December 2016 Dr Lee Highman (Newcastle University)

Suprises in primary phosphine chemistry and their applications in catalysis and cellular imaging

30th November 2016 Bio-inspired soft sensor and actuator based on elastic instabilities

Dr Ben Bin Xu (Northumbria University)

9th November 2016 Dr Chris Serpell (University of Kent)

Supramolecular sequenced poly(phosphodiesters)

19th October 2016 Dr G. Richard Stephenson (University of East Anglia)

Double kinetic resolution in the enantioselective synthesis of tetrathiahelicenes

12th October 2016 Professor Polly L. Arnold (University of Edinburgh)

Multi-electron small molecule activation with f-block organometallics

04 May 2016 Dr Sumeet Mahajan (University of Southampton)
Nanospectroscopy and label-free imaging in biomedicine

25 April 2016

Professor Omar K. Farha (Northwestern University)
13 April 2016 Professor Steve T. Liddle (University of Manchester)
Recent progress in the chemistry of novel uranium ligand bonds
06 April 2016 Professor Sébastien Perrier (University of Warwick)
Molecular engineering for the design of nanostructured materials
02 March 2016 Dr Scott Dalgarno (Heriot-Watt University)
Calixarene-supported clusters
24 February 2016 Professor Fiona C. Meldrum (University of Leeds)
Bio-inspired approaches to crystals with target properties
24 February 2016 2pm*
Professor Takehiko Yamoto (Saga University, Japan)

Synthesis and photophysical properties of pyrene-based blue light-emitting monomers
17 February 2016 Professor Polly L. Arnold (University of Edinburgh)
Organometallic f-block complexes with multiple electron reductive activation reactivity
10 February 2016 Dr Edmund J. Cussen (University of Strathclyde)
Ions that can hop, skip and jump: Lithium conduction in disordered crystalline solids
03 February 2016 Dr Philip W. Miller (Imperial College London)
Novel C-11 Radiochemistry: applications in Positron Emission Tomography
13 January 2016 Professor Tony Cass (Imperial College London)
Engineering nucleic acid aptamers as analytical reagents


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