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Professor John Bradley

John Bradley

Emeritus Professor

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Recent Lectures

  • “Chemistry in the Kitchen: The Science Behind Sweets, Desserts and other Culinary Delights” Sunday Science Lecture Series (for schoolchildren) Bradford March 2011.
  • “Through the Looking Glass: The Wonderland of Flavours and Aromas” Headingly Café Scientifique, Leeds, January 2011.
  • “The Chemistry of a Christmas Dinner”; Franklin Academy (A level students), Grimsby, Dec 2010.
  • AimHigher seminars for year 9 and 10 girls, Grimsby, October 2010.
  • “Cooking for the Senses: The Science in the Kitchen”; Otley Café Scientifique, Otley, May 2010
  • "Sensational Chemistry; Cooking for the Senses”; Science Festival Public Lecture, Huddersfied University, January 2010.
  • “Culinary Chemistry” Royal Society of Chemistry Lecture, Dept of Chemistry, Hull University, November 2009.
  • Science Challenge Lecture, Bradford University, March 2009.


Organometallic Chemistry and Inorganic Materials


Pedagogical Themes

Culinary Chemistry and Molecular Gastronomy – lectures for school children, undergraduates, community groups

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