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Invited talk by Dr Panagiotis Katsaros

Formal Analysis of Security and Safety in Distributed Systems

Dr Panagiotis Katsaros

Assistant Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece



Wednesday 14th of May, 2.15 pm, Robert Blackburn Bld Room 312 (3rd floor - Design Lab) , Department of Computer Science

Concurrency, communication and information flow in distributed systems are sources of design errors that affect the systems' trustworthiness. We present our research activities on formal analyses for various aspects of security and safety.

Security specifications of systems introduce the requirements for their availability, confidentiality and integrity properties. These properties are attained by appropriate mechanisms, including cryptographic protocols and countermeasures against known threats such as Denial of Service attacks.

To cope with the problems associated with concurrency and communication, the programmers rely on protocols and algorithms that provide high-level safety guarantees for the computations, such as atomicity, information consistency, isolation, fault tolerance and various domain-specific correctness properties.

We have developed automated verification and validation techniques for the security of cryptographic protocols and various attack countermeasures, and for the safety of systems that rely on complex concurrency and communication mechanisms. These techniques take advantage of recent advances in the areas of model checking and correctness-by-construction. Our primary aim is to mitigate the inherent problems of state explosion and property preservation between the system's design and implementation. The proposed analyses concern both qualitative and quantitative system properties.

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