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Three Thing Game November 2016!

Three Thing Game Team Reps 2016

Remember, remember the 5th of November (and the 4th) for programming, 3 things, the lot. I see no reason why Game Jam season should ever be forgot.

Yes, Three Thing Game fever was upon us again last weekend. We had 15 teams of various sizes taking part ranging from our first year to our Masters students.

For those not in the know, Three Thing Game is a programming Game Jam run over (approximately) 24 hours. Teams of enthusiasts (our students, as well as me and my ‘kind’) gather to challenge themselves to create a game based on 3 random words that they will be given. At the end of the 24 hours participants get to subject their game to a thorough Judging against various criteria like: adherence to the Things, how complete is your game, and how much money you slip the judge discreetly.

The Wordometer

This time round our words were provided by a magnificent Wordometer, coded by one of our esteemed Jambassadors, Daniel Masterson. Each team get 3 pulls of the one armed bandit, and can 'hold' on any of the words after each pull.

Over the years teams from all years of study have made some great stuff, some of which has even been published in various app stores. Apart from being great fun, it is also an excellent opportunity for participants to put their skills in to practice, to hone their craft. This is also one of those ‘extra-curricular’ activities that help to distinguish students in the eyes of potential employers from the 300 other people that will be graduating from here at the same time.

made it to the end of the event

As usual there were some great games made and some casualties with around 7 teams making it through to the end of the 24 hours.

Our top three teams were:

Three Thing Game 1st Place 2016

1st Place - Black Godzillas - Matei-Iulian Giurgiu, George Ivanoiu, Cosmin Dragu, Alexander Rossa, George State

Three Thing Game 2nd Place 2016

2nd Place - No Man's Game - Jordan Richardson, Neal Rama, Adam Henning, Callum Coultish, Christopher Sapsed

Three Thing Game 3rd Place 2016

3rd Place - Robots in Disguise - Adam Cadow, Sam Murphy, Matthew Hardwick

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