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Dr Kevin Elner is a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull within the simulation and visualization (SimViz) research group. His academic research interests, in the implications and contributions of visual perception deficits towards the VE training domain, stem from his industrial experience in VE military simulation and training. His current interest lies in veridical perception of virtual environments (VEs) with a specific interest in how well an individual's spatial ability transfers between virtual and real environments.

Dr Kevin Elner also supports the ‘3D visualization for wind turbines’ (3DVWT) project, funded via HEIF5. Its aim is to identify and support the offshore simulation needs of the renewable energy sector using state of the art VE technologies to research and develop immersive visualisations that simulate personnel transfer onto offshore wind turbines.



The research is investigating methods to validate perception of space in virtual environments (VEs). In the real world, abilities such as size and distance judgement will naturally incur some random error. However, we want to understand the systematic error that is introduced when trying to perform the same task in a VE. Rather than measuring an individual’s skill the research objective is to measure their innate perceptual response. Such a measure will enable the identification, quantification and mediation of known perceptual deficits in VEs.


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Human visual perception

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