Computer Science
School of Engineering & Computer Science

8th Postgraduate Research Poster Conference

Postgraduate students from the Department of Computer Science took the opportunity to showcase a wide range of research projects at the annual Postgraduate Research Poster Conference on Wednesday 10 February. The Organising Committee of Brian Peach, John Stamford, Sahar Arshi, Dongfei Xue, Phininder Balaghan and Dr Chandra Kambhampati invited academics, postgraduates and undergraduates from Years 3 and 4 to the day. All the students taking part produced a poster, gave a brief presentation about their project and answered questions from the audience. Head of Department, Professor Ken Hawick, said there was “a highly impressive set of contributions”. A vote was held among the attendees for the best five projects. The winners were John Stamford for “Extracting Patient Records Using Propensity Score Matching”; Sahar Arshi for “A Computational Framework for Aesthetical Navigation in Musical Search Space”; Brian Peach for “Dynamic Behaviour Network Using Embedded Wireless Tags”; Robert Munnoch for “Sensor Data Management and Quality Assessment”; and Craig Maddra for “Domain Specific Languages for Aspect Oriented Agent Based Modelling”. The five winners were presented with an iPad Pro.

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