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Eur Ing Brian Tompsett

Brian Tompsett


School of Engineering and Computer Science

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  • Lecturer
  • Quality Officer
  • Member of Dependable Systems research group


Module Leader for the following modules:

  • E-Commerce and E-Business
  • Languages and their Compilers
  • Trustworthy Computing


Research group: Dependable Systems

Research interests

  • The engineering of large software systems and their relations to risks to the public, in particular this manifests itself in the security of internet connected systems and the risks of computer crime.
  • The interactions between assistive technology for disabled students and learning technology, such as virtual learning environments.


  • Smartphones as assistive technology (Heat3 project, TechDis, JISC)
  • EPSRC research network in IT Forensics and Data Analysis
  • EPSRC Project Cyberprofiling: The Application of Criminal and Geographic profiling to the Internet

Key Publications

Selected Publications

Tompsett, BC

"Ethical Dilemmas in Teaching Computer and Internet Security" (PDF Download)

International Conference on Security & Digital Forensics, City University, September 2009, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ed. D. Weerasinghe, Springer Verlang, LNICST 41, pp. 76-81, ISBN 978-3-642-11529-5.

Tompsett, BC, Marshall, AM

"Identity Theft in the Online World" (PDF Download)

Computer Law and Security Report, ISSN 0267-3649, 2005, v21, pp.128-137

Tompsett, BC, Marshall, AM

NC Semmens “Cyberprofiling: The application of Geographic and Criminal Profiling to the Internet” (PDF Download)

IEEE Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks, Athens, Greece, 2005, pp.22-25, ISBN 0-7803-9468-2.

Marshall, AM, Tompsett, BC

“Silicon Pathology ? The Future of Forensic Computing” (PDF Download)

Science & Justice, ISSN 1355-0306, 2004, v44, pp.43-50

Marshall, AM, Tompsett, BC

“Spam n chips - a discussion of internet crime” (PDF Download)

Science & Justice, ISSN 1355-0306, 2002, v41, pp.117-122

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