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What do our students think of studying Computer Science at Hull? Take a look at the profiles of some of our students, along with some words of friendly advice.

Phininder Balaghan 

Phininder Balaghan
PhD, Graph theory

"It’s great to be working with some of the leading experts in the field. Some of the academics here are absolutely at the top of what they’re doing, and it’s amazing to learn from them. They’re open to collaboration and you can work with many different people. It’s just a really nice working environment."

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Brian Peach 

Brian Peach
PhD, Robotics

"One of the great experiences I’ve had on my PhD was being on the committee for the poster conference. I was able to help other students experience what it is like to be at a conference, whilst running it at the same time."

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Liam Stockwell 

Liam Stockwell
PhD, Agent-based modelling

"There are a lot of other opportunities. We do demonstrations for high profile visitors; we’ve had Siemens visit, and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. I’ve also been to conferences where I’ve got to meet people like Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi Siemens and BAE."

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