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Engineering leads to creative and rewarding careers

As a student of Engineering, you’ll work with great people in solving problems and developing solutions that make a real difference to everyday life.

Degrees developed in collaboration with industry

We work closely with industry to ensure the standard of our teaching keeps pace with advances in the profession.

Our graduates are sought after

We are the region’s premier provider of accredited Engineering degree courses and our graduates have proved amongst the most employable in the UK.

Research with real impact

Our cutting-edge research addresses real world issues, from advancements in medical engineering to improvements in the energy and environment sector.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Often cited as the broadest of all engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering involves the design and manufacture of products and processes.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering

Electrical engineering is the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to create anything from small circuits to large power generation systems.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is the application of science to the design, construction and processes used to change raw materials into useful products.

Medical Engineering


Medical Engineering involves the application of engineering principles and scientific methods to problems in medicine and healthcare.

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