Engineering Professors’ Council Congress 2016

4th to 6th September 2016

University of Hull

Tracey curtis

The Engineering Professors’ Council Congress 2016 will be hosted by the University of Hull and held in September to coincide with the Amy Johnson Festival (to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Amy Johnson’s death). This will be a festival of the arts and engineering with international connections.

Key themes will be creativity, design and skills for the future and there will be a keynote address from Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who recently recreated Amy Johnson’s flight, Professor Will Stewart, Vice President of the IET and a host of others. There’ll be chance to catch up with colleagues and friends from around the sector at the traditional Congress dinner, which will be held at Hull’s award-winning aquarium – The Deep.

Further information:

Visit the Engineering Professors’ Council website or book your place here

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