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For many students, fieldwork is one of the highlights of your degree, and at Hull we regard field teaching a vital part of our courses.

Students on a fieldtrip in Italy

Above: Students on a fieldtrip in Italy

At Hull you have exciting opportunities to travel abroad and experience different environments and cultures.

All core field work, including overseas field trips in the second year, is provided free of charge.

‘The field’ is the ultimate laboratory, and learning to work in it is crucial to your development as an effective geographer, geologist or archaeologist.

Where will you explore on our field courses? Maybe Italy, Swiss Alps, Iceland or Berlin?

Click on the map below to find out more:


Core fieldwork courses

These courses are provided free by the department:

  • First year – Leeds, Scarborough and Whitby
  • Second year – Tenerife, Berlin, Spain, Italy (also a UK alternative)

Many of our other modules also include field trips to the region.

Closer to home we also study Yorkshire’s moors, the Humber’s regeneration projects and recent renewable energy sector developments in the region.

Additional optional field courses

  • Third year – Iceland, Malawi, Swiss Alps, UK
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