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Pauline Deutz

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I have a varied and multidisciplinary background, including a degree in Geography from the University of Oxford, an MA in Climatology from Ohio State University and a PhD in Geology from the University of California, Riverside. Since coming to Hull, my research interests have become focussed on the political and economic aspects of environmental issues, albeit usefully underpinned by my natural science background.



  • 16213 : Berlin Field Study (leader)
  • 16282 : Environmental Management Principles
  • 16382 : Sustainable Futures  
  • 16432 : Environmental Policy and Technology (leader) 
  • 16443 : Research Design (leader)
  • 16447 : Waste Management (leader)
  • 16491 : MSc Dissertation (leader)
  • 35027 : Theorising Development 

I am Programme Director of the MSc Environmental Technology.


Research Interests

My research interests relate to the following themes:

  • Environmental policy, especially in waste related fields
  • Critical appraisal of industrial ecology
  • Environment, capital and the state


Environmental policy is a major theme in my work. In particular I am interested in policy relating to waste management practices and environmental technology. Through a project entitled Sustainable resource management through product design I am investigating the potential to radically increase the use of product design as a point of policy intervention in the interests of sustainable resource management. With colleagues in Engineering, I have surveyed companies to better understand how the design process works in industry and how environmental issues are currently taken into consideration.

Pauline Deutz visiting the Scarborough Resource Recovery CentreCritical appraisal of industrial ecology covers two themes. First, I am researching the policy implementation of industrial ecology principles on a sectoral and/or supply chain basis, primarily via extended producer responsibility regulations. This work draws on an earlier project on the implementation of the End of Life Vehicle Directive in the UK. The second theme is a continuation of my work with David Gibbs on Sustainability and the local economy: The role of eco-industrial parks (ESRC grant number R000239428). Our papers and presentations (see below) are attempting to contextualise eco-industrial developments in theoretical debates concerning economic development (especially urban entrepreneurialism and cluster policy) and the role of the public sector in the implementation of sustainable development.

Thirdly, I am pursuing theoretical and conceptual issues surrounding the relationships between environment, capital and the state. Environmental protection is one of the functions of the state under the sustainable development paradigm of capitalism. I am interested in the emergence of this function in the broader context of the state as a mediator between the protection of business and public interests.

Current Postgraduate students

I am currently involved in supervising the following PhD students.  I would welcome the opportunity to supervise new projects in these or other areas related to my research.

  • Jalal Etriki. Analysis of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) for sustainable municipal solid waste management in Libya
  • Qiaozhi Wang Knowledge Transfer for Cross-boundary Industrial Symbiosis Development; A comparison of practice in the UK and China
  • Rui Zhao: Environmental risk management system design for hazardous waste materials (first supervisor is Gareth Neighbour, Department of Engineering)
  • Muhammad A Haji Abdullah: Analysis of the applicability of the socio-technical transition concept to the development of low carbon transportation in Brunei Darussalam

Professional Service

I hold several positions outside of the department:



Google Scholar profile

I’m happy to provide copies of any of the following articles or chapters on request.



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  • Lyons, D.I., Deutz P. and Bi J. (2015) Embedding an international perspective in industrial ecology. In P. Deutz, D.I. Lyons and J. Bi (eds), International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology, Cheltenham UK and Northampton MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 228-233.
  • Wang, Q., Deutz P. and Gibbs D. (2015), ‘UK-China collaboration for industrial symbiosis: a multi-level approach to policy transfer analysis’, in P. Deutz, D. Lyons and J. Bi (eds), International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology, Cheltenham UK and Northampton MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 89-107.
  • Deutz P. (2015) Issues and resources for transition: a personal reflection. In Kneale, P. (ed) Masters level teaching, learning and assessment: Issues in design and delivery. London: Palgrave, pp. 71-75.


  • Deutz P (2014) A class-based analysis of sustainable development: developing a radical perspective on environmental justice. Sustainable Development 22 243-252  (published online Feb 2012)
  • A-Jalil, E.E., Grant, D.B., Nicholson, J.D., Deutz, P. (2014) Investigating Household Recycling Behaviour Through the Interactions Between Personal and Situational Factors. In C. A. Brebbia, C.A., Passerini, G., Itoh, H. (Eds) Waste Management and the Environment VII pp. 113-124, WIT Press, Southampton.
  • Deutz, P. (2014) Food for thought: Seeking the essence of industrial symbiosis. In Salomone R, Saija, G. (Eds) Pathways for Environmental Sustainability: Methodologies and Experiences. Springer, Switzerland. You can download the manuscript version here.


  • Zhao, R., Neighbour, G., McGuire, M., Deutz, P. (2013) A software based simulation for cleaner production: A game between manufacturers and government. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries. 26 59-67.  
  • Deutz, P., McGuire, M. And Neighbour, G. (2013) Eco-design practice in the context of a structured design process: an interdisciplinary empirical study of UK manufacturers. Journal of Cleaner Production. 39 117-128.  


  • Zhao, R., Neighbour, G. Han, J., McGuire M, and Deutz, P. (2012) Using game theory to describe strategy selection for environmental risk and carbon emissions reduction in the green supply chain. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries. doi:10.1016/j.jlp.2012.05.004
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  • Zhao R, Neighbour G, Deutz P, McGuire, M. (2012) Materials selection for cleaner production: An environmental evaluation approach.  Materials and Design 37 429-434.


  • Deutz P, Neighbour, G, McGuire M. (2010) Integrating Sustainable Waste Management into Product Design: Sustainability as a Functional Requirement.  Sustainable Development 18 229-239
  • Lyons D and Deutz P. (2010). Regional sustainable development: Making development work in politically contingent space.  Sustainable Development 18 183-186.
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  • Deutz, P. (2009) Producer responsibility in a sustainable development context: Ecological modernisation or industrial ecology? The Geographical Journal 175 (4) 274-285.
  • Deutz, P. and Frostick, L.E. (2009) Reconciling policy, practice and theorisations of waste management: Editorial. The Geographical Journal 175 (4) 247-250.


  • Deutz, P. and Gibbs, D. (2008) Industrial ecology and regional development: Eco-industrial development as cluster policy. Regional Studies. 42 (10) 1313-1328.
  • Deutz, P. and Lyons, D.I. (2008) Editorial: industrial symbiosis - An environmental perspective on regional development. Regional Studies, 42 (10) 1295-1298.

Selected conference papers


  • Kildunne A and Deutz P. (2011), An institutional analysis of the sustainability transition in waste management in England.  Paper presented to the RGS-IBG annual meeting, London September 2011.
  • Deutz, P. (2011), Ability of the state to build a green economy and the impact on labor.  Paper presented to the 17th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, New York 8-10 May 2011.


  • Deutz P, Neighbour, G, McGuire M. and Baxter H. (2010) Practice and potential of eco-design for sustainable waste management: An empirical study of UK based manufacturers.  Paper presented to the 16th Annual ISDRC Hong Kong, June 2010.
  • Deutz, P, Lasaridi, K and Kildunne, A, (2010), Lost in Transposition: reflections on ecological modernisation based a comparison of the implementation of the EU waste policy in Greece and the UK.  Paper presented to the RGS-IBG annual meeting, London September 2010.
  • Wang Q, Deutz P, and Gibbs D, (2010) Intra- and Inter-organisational Knowledge Transfer for Eco-industrial Development in the UK Paper presented to the 16th Annual ISDRC Hong Kong, June 2010.


  • Deutz, P., Neighbour, GB and McGuire, M, (2009) From 'reqs' to 'specss: incorporation of environmental regulations in product design. Presented at the 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference Utrecht, 5-8 July 2009. Supported by the British Academy.


  • Deutz, P. Neighbour, GB and McGuire, M, (2008) Integrating product design in sustainable waste management: Presented at the 14th Annual ISDRC New Delhi, 21-23 September 2008.
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