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Andrew E.G. Jonas

Andrew E.G. Jonas

Professor of Human Geography

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I am an urban political geographer with research interests in the economic governance and redevelopment of cities and regions in the USA and Europe. I have a BA degree in Geography from Durham University and MA and PhD degrees in Geography from The Ohio State University. I have taught at Clark University in Massachusetts and the University of California at Riverside, and held visiting academic positions in the USA, Finland and Australia. I enjoy soccer, golf, baseball and gardening and have travelled to more than 30 countries and 40 out of the 50 U.S. states.



  • 16099 : Foundation in Human Geography (leader)
  • 16100 : Geographical Methods  (tutorials and field trip to Leeds)
  • 16111 : Human Geographies: Worlds of Difference
  • 16141 : World Cities (Los Angeles)
  • 16274 : Urban and Rural Development (Leader
  • 16329 : North American Cities (leader)  
  • 16463 : Contemporary Research in Human Geography  

I have also led field trips to New York and Barcelona.

I have served as an external examiner for undergraduate geography degree programmes at the following institutions:

  • NUI Galway (2012 – ongoing) 
  • University of Cambridge (2008-2010)
  • University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2005-2007)

Research Interests

Research Interests

Current Research Projects
My research covers a range of topics in urban, political and economic geography. I am particularly interested in the new regionalism, the urban politics of transition to a ‘low carbon’ economy, collective provision in new economic spaces, social enterprise and alternative spaces of finance. Links to detailed descriptions of some of these projects can be found at:

MA, MSc and PhD Topics
Professor Andy JonasI am happy to supervise a range of postgraduate research topics including:

  • the new regionalism and new economic spaces
  • politics of urban redevelopment
  • alternative economies, currencies, credit unions and alternative trading systems
  • the geography of social movements and citizenship
  • labour geographies: labour control spaces and labour-community coalitions
  • sustainability and urban planning/governance

Current and recent PhD students

  • Hesham Waddani (urban forestry in Tripoli)
  • Muhammad Haji-Abdullah (Analysis of the suitability of the socio-technical transition to the development of low carbon transportation in Brunei Darussalam)
  • Sarinah Omar (Sungai Liang Industrial Park: can Brunei achieve its sustainable industrial development?)
  • Stephen Hall (White Rose scholar: transportation and low-carbon governance in city-regions)
  • Marcela Mele (suburban development and livelihood strategies in Tirana city-region)
  • Andrew Kythreotis (sustainability governance and scalar politics in the UK)
  • David Haigh (social enterprise and alternative economic spaces in the UK)
  • Maksuder Rahman (neighbourhood and household environmental problems in Chittagong)
  • Felicity Powell (social issues in UK regional planning)
  • Alison Williams (technogeopolitics and representations of the Pacific as US territory)

Professor Andy Jonas with Denver University students on a field trip in Colorado this SummerVisiting positions

  • Docent Professor of Urban and Regional Development, University of Oulu, Finland, 2012 - ongoing.
  • Marsico Fellow, Denver University, 2012
  • Visiting Scholar and Keynote Speaker at Finnish Academy Geography Graduate School, University of Turku, Finland, March 2008
  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Human Geography, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2006
  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Geography, University of Washington, 2003
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, 1989-90

Professional service and membership

  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers
  • Association of American Geographers, Overseas Member
  • Regional Studies Association, Member
  • External Examiner, Geography Undergraduate Tripos, University of Cambridge, 2009-2011
  • External Examiner, Undergraduate Programmes in Geography, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2005-7
  • Canada Research Chairs College of Reviewers, 1999-2005
  • Senior Examiner and Examiner ESRC Studentship Competition, 1999-2002
  • Member Advisory Board, RECOURSE, University of Gdansk
  • Editorial Board, The Social Science Quarterly
  • Editorial Board, Geography Compass (Urban)
  • Guest editor for special issues of Environment and Planning A (2002), International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (2007) and Social Science Quarterly (2003)
  • Reviewer and rapporteur for ESRC (UK), NSF (USA), SSHRC (Canada), SSRC (South Africa)
  • Peer reviewer for 40 international journals in geography and the social sciences
  • External evaluations for tenure cases at institutions in the USA, Canada, South Africa



Recent and forthcoming Publications


Andrew E.G. Jonas, Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas (forthcoming in 2015) Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction (Oxford: Wiley Blackwell)

Andrew E.G. Jonas and Andrew Wood (eds.) (2012) Territory, the State and Urban Politics (Farnham: Ashgate)

Duncan Fuller, Andrew E.G. Jonas and Roger Lee (eds.) (2012) Interrogating Alterity: Alternative Economic and Political Spaces (Farnham: Ashgate)

Journal articles

Hall, S. and Jonas, A.E.G. (2014) ‘Urban fiscal austerity, infrastructure provision and the struggle for regional transit in ‘Motor City’Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 7(1), 189-206

Jonas, A.E.G., Goetz, A.R. and Battarcharjee, S. (2014) ‘City-regionalism and the politics of collective provision: regional transportation infrastructure in Denver, USAUrban Studies 51(11), 2444-2465

Jonas, A.E.G. (2013) ‘Alternative regionalisms’ Progress in Human Geography 37:6, 822-828

Jonas, A.E.G. (2013) ‘City-regionalism as a ‘contingent geopolitics of capitalism’Geopolitics 18:2, 284-298

Jonas, A.E.G., Pincetl, S. and Sullivan J. ‘Endangered neoliberal suburbanism? The use of the Federal Endangered Species Act as a growth management tool in Southern CaliforniaUrban Studies 50:11, 2311-2331

While, A., Gibbs, D., Jonas, A.E.G. (2013) ‘The competition state, city-regions, and the territorial politics of growth facilitationEnvironment and Planning A, 45, 10, 2379–2398

Jonas, A.E.G. (2012) ‘City-regionalism: questions of distribution and politicsProgress in Human Geography 36, 822-829

Kythreotis, A.P. and Jonas, A.E.G. (2012) ‘Scaling sustainable development? How voluntary groups negotiate spaces of sustainability governance in the United KingdomEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 30(3) 381–399:

Jonas, A.E.G (2011), ‘Review essay: the state, territory and the internationalization of capital: critical reflections on the selected writings of Nicos Poulantzas and Henri LefebvreEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 29, 958-945: 

Jonas, A.E.G., Gibbs, D. and While, A. (2011), ‘The New Urban Politics as a politics of carbon controlUrban Studies 48, 2537-2544: 

Pincetl, S., Jonas, A.E. and Sullivan, J. (2011), ‘Political ecology and habitat conservation for endangered species planning in Southern California: region, places and ecological governanceGeoforum 42, 427-438: 

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Jonas, A.E.G., While, A. and Gibbs, D. (2010), ‘Managing infrastructural and service demands in new economic spaces: the new territorial politics of collective provision’, Regional Studies, 44:2, 183-200:

While, A., Jonas, A.E.G. and Gibbs, D. (2010), ‘From sustainable development to carbon control: the eco-restructuring of the state and the politics of urban and regional development’, Transactions Institute of British Geographers, 35:1, 76-93: 

Rahman, M.M., Haughton, G.F. and Jonas, A.E.G (2010) ‘The challenges of local environmental problems facing the urban poor in Chittagong, Bangladesh: a scale-sensitive analysisEnvironment and Urbanization, 22: 561-578: 

Chapters in books

Murphy, A., Entrikin, J.N., Macleod, G., Jonas, A.E.G. and Hudson, R. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Bounded vs. open regions: critical perspectives on regional worlds and words’ in M. Jones and A. Paasi (eds.) Regional World(s) (London: Routledge/Regional Studies Association).

Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Scale,’ in Agnew, J., Mamadouh, V., Secor, A. and Sharp, J. (eds.) The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Geography (Oxford: Wiley Blackwell). Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Politics,’ in M. Jayne and K. Ward (eds.) Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives (London: Routledge).

Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Rethinking mobility at the urban-transportation geography nexus’ in J. Cidell and D. Prytherech (eds.) Transportation and Mobility in the Production of Urban Space (London: Routledge).

 Jonas, A.E.G. (2013), ‘Interrogating alternative local and regional economies: the British credit union movement and post-binary thinking’, in H-M. Zademach and S. Hillebrand (eds.) Alternative Economies and Spaces: New Perspectives for a Sustainable Economy (Verlag), 23-42.

Jonas, A.E.G. and Wood, A. (2012), ‘Territory, the state and urban politics in critical perspective’ in Jonas, A.E.G. and Wood, A., eds., Territory, the State and Urban Politics (Farnham: Ashgate), 3-20.

Jonas, A.E.G. (2011), ‘Post-suburban regionalism: from local politics of exclusion to regional politics of economic development’ in N.A. Phelps and F. Wu (eds.) International Perspectives on Suburbanization: A Post-Suburban World? (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).

Jonas, A.E.G. (2011) ‘Scale and networks’ in J. Agnew and J. Duncan (eds.) Companion to Human Geography (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell), 387-403.

Jonas, A.E.G (2010) ‘Alternative this ... alternative that: interrogating diversity and alterity’ in Fuller, D.,

Jonas, A.E.G. and Lee, R. (eds.) (2010), Interrogating Alterity: Alternative Economic and Political Spaces (Aldershot: Ashgate).

Jonas, A.E.G., While A. and Gibbs, D. (2010), ‘Carbon control regimes, eco-state restructuring and the politics of local and regional development’ in A. Pike, A. Rodriguez-Posé and J. Tomaney (eds.) Handbook of Local and Regional Development (Routledge), 283-94.

Jonas, A.E.G. and McCarthy, L. (2010), ‘Redevelopment at all costs? A critical review and examination of the American model of urban management and regeneration’, in J. Diamond, J. Liddle, A. Southern, P. Osei (eds.), Urban Regeneration Management: International Perspectives (Routledge), 31-59.

Encyclopaedia entries

Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Growth machine’ in G. Ritzer (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Sociology (Blackwell, 2nd edition).

Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Growth machines’ in A. Kobayashi (ed.) The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography (Wiley-Blackwell/AAG).

Jonas, A.E.G. (forthcoming in 2015) ‘Region: Geographical’ in J.D. Wright (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Elsevier, 2nd edition). Jonas, A.E.G. (2010) ‘Locality’ In B. Warf (ed.) Encyclopedia of Geography (Sage Publications).

Jonas, A.E.G. (2009) ‘Labor control regime’ in R. Kitchen and N. Thrift (eds) International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography (Elsevier).

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