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Head of School

Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Professor Jeff Blackford Head of School  6062


Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Dr Julia Affolderbach Economic Geography 5006
Professor David Atkinson Cultural and Historical Geography 5352
Dr Tim Bellerby Hydrometeorology 6063
Dr Anna Bird Metamorphic Geology 6385
Dr David Bond NERC Advanced Research Fellow 6536
Dr M Jane Bunting Palaeoecology 6068
Professor Tom Coulthard Numerical and Physical Modelling 6065
Dr Jonathan Dean Quaternary Geology   
Dr Pauline Deutz Environmental Policy 5948
Dr Graham Ferrier Earth Observation Science 6060
Professor David Gibbs Economic Geography 5330
Professor Jack Hardisty Environmental Physics 5176
Dr Liam Herringshaw Geology & Palaeoecology 5349
Dr Lewis Holloway Food, Farming and the Countryside 6759
Professor Andrew Jonas Urban Political Geography 5368
Professor Malcolm Lillie Archaeology 5325
Dr Julia McCarroll Teaching Fellow  
Dr Briony McDonagh Historical and Cultural Geography 6734
Dr Stuart McLelland Fluvial Geomorphology 5007
Dr David Milan Physical Geography 5570
Professor Daniel Parsons Process Sedimentology 5343
Dr Catherine Porter Cultural and Historical Geography   
Dr Jane Reed Paleolimnology 6061
Dr Elsbeth Robson Social Geography 5353
Dr Mike Rogerson Earth Science and Palaeoclimate 6051
Dr Arved Schwendel  
Dr Mike Widdowson Geology 6069
Dr Rebecca Williams Geology 5578

Research Staff

Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Dr Helena Gomes Research Associate 6928
Rachael Gosling General Teaching Assistant  
Dr Chris Hackney Research Assistant 5751
Yvonne Inall Research Assistant  
Dr Wietse van de Lageweg Postdoctural Researcher 5751
Dr Ramon Mercedes Research Associate 5006
Brendan Murphy Flumes and GPS 5355
Dr Steve Simmons Research Associate 6498
Chris Skinner Research Assistant  
Dr Hannah Williams Research Assistant  
Dr Kevin Woodbridge Visiting Researcher 6332
Chun Keat Yew Research Assistant  

Support Staff

Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Mark Anderson Laboratories Technician 5057
Tim Bettley IT Support 5756
Mike Dennett Electronics and Computer Hardware 5386
Amanda Millson School Administration Manager 5351
Kim Rosewell Field and Physical Geography Support Technician 5644


Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Emeritus Professor
Professor Lynne Frostick Emeritus Professor 6069
Emeritus Reader
Dr Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen Emeritus Reader    
Dr Martyn Pedley Carbonate Sedimentology 5901
Honorary Curator for Herbarium
Mr Richard Middleton Honorary Curator for Herbarium  
Honorary Researcher
Lindsey Atkinson Honorary Fellow  
Dr Suzanne Beech Honorary Research Associate  
Rodger Connell Honorary Fellow (  
Dr Kirstie O'Neill Honorary Research Associate 5922

PhD Students

Name Position Email Telephone
When calling from outside the university, please dial +44 (0) 1482 46 before the extension.
Helen Bergin Being Human in the Heroic Age: A spatial-biographical approach to Captain Colbeck’s Antarctic experiences 5313
Martin Black Investigating the potential of airborne hyperspectral imagery for geological mapping in Antarctica  
Bas Bodewes 5919
Stormm Buxton-Hill The impact of women on family dynastic ambitions and legal change in England 1650-1799 6332
Wenbo Cai Assessment and Management of Regional Ecosystem Service: a Case study in Yangtze River Delta Region, China 5039
Ye Chen 5919
Bronia Chichlowska Producing the Geographies of Childhood in Colonial Africa: Children’s Lives in Twentieth-Century Nyasaland 6332
Bingni Deng The Eco-transformation of the green land system of industrial areas in China : a tool for sustainable development of eco-cities 5039
Sergio Duran Catastrophic Floods on Mars 5919
Yiman Fang 6332
Julia Hoerner Scattering in Power Curves of Offshore Wind Turbines: Causes and Predictability  
Robert Houseago Coastal System Resilience Under Increased Storminess 5919
Hao Hu Monitoring and modelling bedform dynamics in unsteady flow (both floods and tides)


Ross Jennings Wave-current Interactions and Tidal Stream Power 6332
David Jordan The influence of vegetation on fluvial morphodynamics and flood risk 5472
Laura-Beth Jordan Environmental Impacts of Tidal Stream Turbines 5472
Kalliopi Kaparounaki Caring Children in Malawi - Children’s Work within Families affected by Illness and Disability 5313
Mayeso Lazaro Grandparenting in the Context of HIV/AIDS and Poverty in southern Malawi: The place of grandfathers in care work for orphans and vulnerable children 5313
Helen Manning 6332
Cian McGuire Can microfossils tell us how sands are deposited in the deep ocean?  5039
Jessica Moloney Extending the flood record: assessing the uncertainty and viability of paleoflood data 5472
Chloe Morris Modelling the Future Shape of the Holderness Coast, Humber Estuary and Spurn Point  
Charlotte Mummery Technological change in a fragmentary policy context: the development of hydraulic fracturing (`Fracking’) in the UK 6332
Mbali Pewa 5313
Sam Ramsden Green northern cities? Exploring the benefits of environmental sustainability projects to marginalised urban populations in the UK. 5039
Tiraprapa Ratanachoti The influence of public participation on the implementation of policy and technology in industrial wastewater management in Thailand 5039
Rita Santos Fish ecology in the Mekong River – Dams impact on fish migration pattern and its effects on the basin population  
Jazmin Scarlett The development of co-volcanic societies: the reciprocal relationships between the volcano La Soufrière and the society of St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles  
Sarah Shields Maid, wife and widow: women’s life-course and property ownership in 18th-century England 5039
Gregory Smith 5919
Charlotte Stephenson Terrestrial-Marine Teleconnections in a Rapidly Evolving Devonian World 6332
Shona Thomson 6332
Hesham Waddani 5039
Lucy Rose Wright Sustainability in Urban Food Projects: Comparative Case Studies From Kingston Upon Hull and Copenhagen. 6332
Xuxu Wu Wave and current induced bedform evolution on mixed (clay-sand) substrates 5039
Hui Yang The Evolution of Traditional Industry Clusters from the perspective of Green Economy: A Case Study of the Liquor Industry 5039
Leiping Ye Monitoring and modelling the spatial and temporal dynamics of the estuarine turbidity maximum (ETM): Humber Estuary, UK 5472
Zhen Yu Sustainability transition in urban-industrial China 5313
Qian Zuo Spatial Distribution and Prediction of Endemic Fluorosis in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China 5039
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