About Us

HIVE’s mission is to encourage and support the adoption of visualization and virtual reality technology across a range of disciplines. Furthermore, staff can provide high quality bespoke services including laser scanning, motion capture and 3D modelling.

HIVE is located within the Computer Science subject group.  Research undertaken within HIVE is integral to the School’s SimVis research group.

HIVE has an array of customers ranging from researchers, schools and colleges to the commercial sector. Our work with research staff and students comes from our colleagues here at the University of Hull. However, we also support projects where the network of academics is national and/or international.

Providing a range of services to schools and colleges ensures that especially within the local area we are exposing students to cutting edge technology, supporting them with regard to considering career options. The focus of this work is to raise aspirations towards further and higher education, and interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

If a business or individual requests the services of HIVE for a bespoke project, we explore together if and how HIVE can indeed offer a quality solution. Where relevant, HIVE will make a potential client aware of other services within the University that may be of relevance; for example the expertise in software development by SEED.

We strongly encourage all potential clients of HIVE to make contact and discuss their area(s) of interest. The next step is to visit HIVE and experience first hand the wide range of technologies available; this can refine initial ideas and/or create new threads worthy of consideration. To read case studies of how HIVE has been utilised in the past, please use the research, school and commercial links on the left menu bar.

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