The benefits in utilising HIVE can be wide and varied. For instance, a researcher (staff or student) may foster a relationship with another school or faculty and begin a collaborative venture, exploring a potentially new area of research. HIVE is especially keen to nurture projects with collaborative and multi-disciplinary components, so please request our support in this area should you wish it.

An undergraduate or postgraduate student may embark upon a dissertation project which will give them hands on experience of working with visualization technologies; potentially vital for their CV and career prospects.

Schools, colleges or the general community may benefit from HIVE by exploring how to use the technology to raise aspirations or communicate an idea. Various programmes have been designed by schools in close consultation with HIVE, exploring how to support the learning of GCSE Design Technology and primary level maths.

Companies may use the facility with the potential aim of establishing how modification of their processes may lead to cost savings; for example by employing virtual prototyping or collaborative design reviews.

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