HIVE has 4 main service areas: laser scanning, data visualization, 3D modelling and animation, and high performance computing.

Laser Scanning

HIVE has 2 laser scanners. The first is the Lecia scanner which is specifically for large areas/objects e.g. buildings, open terrain. The second is the Minolta scanner, which is more suited to smaller areas/items roughly 1 square metre. Both scanners can be utilised by hiring them on a daily/half daily basis with staff support. Following the scan(s) the data can be provided in either its raw format, or processed (which requires n number of days dependent upon the length of the scan and quality of data required).

Data Visualization

This allows the user the opportunity to visualize in 3D on the immersive workwall their own data. A user would be able to present to an individual or a group (up to 30 in size) their own CAD data in true stereo. The user and the audience would each don a pair of active shutter glasses, allowing them to see in true 3D. If desired, in order to allow individuals the ability to walk around the data and view it from different perspectives, a level of interaction can be built in permitting this. This would utilise the motion capture suite in HIVE. In addition to this, should the user wish to use a hand held tool to ‘slice through’ the data, again, this level of interaction can be speedily introduced. This data visualization concept merely permits the visualization to take place (perhaps in conjunction with some head tracking). This option can be highly recommended should a user wish to present their data to a group for evaluation, or to a potential client to communicate an idea or concept. To partake in this arrangement, HIVE would need to be provided with the data a number of days beforehand, to ensure suitable preparation is possible, and ideal quality of output achievable. CAD data such as .vrml1 files can be readily visualized, as can architectural data.

3D Modelling and Animation

With or without the use of the 3D immersive workwall, or laser scanning services, HIVE has the expertise and associated technology to provided modelling and animation services. Simply contact us to arrange for a formal quotation for services; it is highly likely that we will invite you to the Centre for discussions regarding your requirements in the first instance; this ensures we have a thorough understanding of your needs.

For examples of commercial projects using HIVE, please see the case studies list in the menu bar on the left hand side.

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