HIVE offers the facilities and environment in which to encourage multidisciplinary research. We welcome dialogue with new users to explore the collaborative potential between ourselves and others. With this in mind you may choose to visit the Centre with associates you are considering working alongside, to explore and generate these opportunities together.

The technologies housed in HIVE can be combined and utilised in a multitude of ways and, coupled with sophisticated software development, can provide bespoke solutions for your research projects. This process of discovering and adopting new technologies is a very exciting one, and requires real constructive input and evaluation. Should a collaborative proposal be of interest, naturally HIVE will provide support with regard to the application.

Student projects are also undertaken in HIVE. Final year undergraduate Computer Science students (and other disciplines) are welcome to submit projects which require the use of the HIVE facilities. This will be subject to an academic accepting personal supervisory responsibility over the project.

Postgraduate students may also access the technology and expertise within HIVE. Our work with research staff and students comes from our colleagues here at the University of Hull. However, HIVE also supports projects where the network of academics involved is national and/or international.

For examples of research projects using HIVE, please see the case studies list in the menu bar on the left hand side.

Click here for SimVis research, in the Department of Computer Science.

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