Schools/Colleges and Community

HIVE is eager to continue its active role in supporting the concept of Widening Participation. For many years now HIVE has opened its doors and welcomed a wide variety of schools, colleges and community groups, and demonstrated the existing use of the facility. The focus of this is to create an atmosphere where students/visitors begin to appreciate that the computing technology they are experiencing is not singularly related to the discipline of computing. But that various other subjects find themselves utilising the technology too, for example: dance, art and history. The real aim of the demonstration sessions is to raise awareness and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Thus encouraging the potential take up of these subjects in education; perhaps resulting in students/visitors considering further and higher education as a real option for them.

Typically HIVE offers 'Technology Taster Sessions'. Students can attend the 3D visualization auditorium, don the 3D glasses and view examples of real research and student projects using the 3D immersive wall and floor. They can then experience the motion capture system by trying out the head tracking feature, which allows users to literally 'walk around' the 3D data and view it from different perspectives. These 'Technology Taster Sessions' are typically 1 hour in duration. However, HIVE is also interested in offering discipline focused sessions when of interest.

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