Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (IECS)

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Environmental Assessment

IECS can deliver a range of services, from  provision across the full EIA process to niche ES components, cumulative and strategic studies, documents to meet HRA requirements, mitigation work and the provision of EMMPs. Find out more >

Marine Surveys and Laboratory Services

IECS specialises in a wide range of marine, coastal and estuarine surveys, whilst our specialist laboratory provides high quality and timely analysis of samples for a variety of clients. Find out more >

Ecosystem Management & Governance

We undertake research and provide advice on integrated coastal zone management, the implementation and implications of National and European legislation, ecosystem goods and services, and natural resource economics. Find out more >

GIS Analysis, Remote Sensing & Mapping

IECS offer extensive GIS, remote sensing and mapping capabilities which range from the production of simple maps and charts to the creation of complex analytical tools. Find out more >

Research and Advice

IECS carries out research and advisory work for Government Agencies, Conservation Bodies, industries and NGOs in Europe and elsewhere.  Find out more >

The Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies (IECS) is a multi-disciplinary Environmental Research Consultancy with over 30 years experience in the marine, coastal and estuarine environment.

Working across a wide range of specialisms including ecological surveys and management, numerical modelling and GIS, and Environmental Assessment, IECS is able to provide a unique and comprehensive service to clients including the European Commission, Government departments, industrial companies, engineering consultancies and statutory/regulatory bodies both in the UK and overseas.

IECS staff are highly qualified and with a wealth of experience in the environmental sector, are able to work closely with clients to assist in the development of methods and sign off with the delivery of high quality data, analysis and reports in a timely manner.

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