Ecosystem Management and Governance

Scarborough Beach

Integrated ecosystem management and transparent and co-ordinated governance has become increasingly important in the coastal zone.  This is recognised by EU-level policy as well as national enabling legislation. 

IECS have undertaken a range of studies in this developing topic area, including provision of the evidence base for the Marine and Coastal Access Act, development of integrated management tools, and research into the derivation and application of ecosystem services in the estuarine and coastal zone.

Specific projects have included EU funded research, such as the HARBASINS, WISER, TIDE, VECTORS and DEVOTES projects, as well as provision of governance and management advice at a national level.  IECS have also developed specific management tools, both for better integrated management as well as for specific issues or information gaps.  In particular, this has recently led to the development of the ecosystems services approach for estuarine and coastal needs, both at a conceptual level, but also, where data have allowed, at a topic level, using ‘real-world’ examples, much of this work being recently published in peer reviewed journals.


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