GIS, Remote Sensing and Mapping

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IECS offer extensive GIS, remote sensing and mapping capabilities which range from the production of simple maps and charts to the creation of complex analytical tools.  IECS primarily utilise the GIS packages of MapInfo and ArcGIS but can provide outputs in a variety of formats to suit client needs.

Services offered include:

  • production of cartographic maps and charts for reports or websites;
  • estuarine habitat mapping;
  • seabed morphology mapping (side-scan sonar and RoxAnn ground-truthed by grab sampling and drop-down video);
  • topographic and bathymetric studies with 3D outputs;
  • seabed visualisation and observation by drop-down video;
  • aerial photograph processing and interpretation;
  • broad scale intertidal and subtidal biotope mapping;
  • constraints mapping for Scoping Exercises, EIAs etc.

IECS has the equipment and facilities to undertake data acquisition and spatial positioning of a variety of attributes of the biological, chemical and physical environment.  Large datasets are then analysed and spatially illustrated using GIS.

IECS has undertaken the geospatial elements of a wide range of projects covering large offshore wind farms, estuarine port developments, avifaunal distribution and disturbance studies, topographic change of estuarine intertidal areas, habitat and biotope mapping of onshore and offshore sites, impact monitoring of discharges and developments, and marine spatial planning.


For more information please contact:

Shona Thomson (Coastal Geographer and GIS Specialist)

Dr James Strong (Senior Benthic Ecologist and Seabed Surveyor) 


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