Benthic ecology survey

IECS is Achilles registered and has achieved excellent results in the UVDB Verify Category B2 Assessment for Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality practices and procedures.

Quality standards

The Institute operates under a strict quality management system, which covers every aspect and all stages of the work undertaken by IECS. This system incorporates internal and external quality assurance procedures, which are audited annually by Achilles Ltd. All IECS capabilities, from project design and management, survey work and laboratory analysis to reporting and advice, are covered in-house, under one roof. This approach aids communication and quality assurance.

IECS is a member of the National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control (NMBAQC) Scheme, an external quality assurance scheme that assesses the quality of marine benthic work undertaken by laboratories in the UK. We regularly achieve excellent results in the benthic invertebrate, fish and sediment components. Please view our latest NMBAQC results

Health and safety

Health and Safety is at the forefront of all IECS operations, as we strive to ensure exceptional safety standards in all aspects of our work. As part of the University of Hull, IECS is fully compliant with the University H&S policies, procedures and guidelines. In addition, specific H&S documentation has been developed to focus on the activities associated with the marine and estuarine sector. The University’s team of H&S professionals provide IECS with constant support, expert advice and guidance on all H&S matters. IECS has an impressive H&S record and works hard to guarantee continual improvement.


IECS is committed to preventing pollution and reducing any negative impacts our activities may have on the environment. Therefore, as part of the University of Hull, IECS will contribute to the national commitment to sustainable development. All policies are available on the Environmental Web, as well as the latest news, developments and information. Environmental improvements are pioneered by the University’s team of full time environmental staff, who work with IECS to continually lower our impact on the environment.


For additional information please contact:

Ann Leighton (Laboratory & Benthic Survey Manager) Ann.Leighton@hull.ac.uk

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