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Dr Siri Chongchitnan

Siri Chongchitnan

Lecturer and Programme Director for Mathematics

School of Mathematics & Physical Sciences

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I am a lecturer in mathematics and a researcher at the E. A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics.

I studied mathematics at the National University of Singapore, and the University of Cambridge, where I completed Part III of the Mathematical Tripos and a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. I was previously a member of Oxford Astrophysics and Fellow in Mathematics at Lincoln College, University of Oxford.

For more information about myself and my work, please visit my personal website.


My research focuses on cosmology, i.e. the study of the birth and evolution of the Universe, and the origin of large-scale structures observed today.

In particular, my research involves applications of mathematical techniques - both analytical and numerical, to problems in cosmology. My interests in cosmology span a wide range of theoretical topics (inflation, dark energy, statistics of large-scale structures) at various observational wavelengths (primordial gravitational waves, cosmic 21cm and Lyman-alpha signals).




  • 1st year: Introduction to University Mathematics
  • 2nd year: Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • 3rd year: Differential Geometry
  • 4th year: Differential Geometry II


I am the Programme Director for mathematics. This means that I work closely with lecturers and students to ensure that we achieve an excellent standard in the learning and teaching of mathematics at Hull.

Outside of teaching and research, I play the violin - I am member of the Hull University Camerata.

I also casually maintain the websites for mathematics and physics.

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