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Seminar programme 2016-17

The seminar programme for University of Hull students and staff is listed below.

Seminars take place 2-3:15pm in Robert Blackburn Lecture Theatre C, unless otherwise stated. The last 15 min of the seminar are reserved for students to interact with the speaker. No booking required.

For enquiries please contact seminar organiser Dr Elke Roediger (

Semester 2

Date Seminar
1st February 2017

Prof Carlos Nunez, Swansea University

Aspects of the duality between gauge fields and strings

8th February 2017

Dr Lapo Bogani, University of Oxford

Molecular magnetic graphene hybrids: from chemistry to the quantum properties

22nd February 2017

Prof Adam Lee, Aston University

Nanostructured catalysts for sustainable chemical transformations

1st March 2017

Dr William Whelan-Curtin, University of St Andrews

Hybrid photonic crystal lasers

8th March 2017

Dr Rachel Oliver, University of Cambridge

Nitride single-photon sources

15th March 2017

Prof Daniel Allwood, University of Sheffield

Data processing with magnetic nanostructure

29th March 2017 

Dr John Stott, Oxford Centre for Astrophysical Surveys

KROSS: The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey

26th April 2017 

Hull Physicists

Physics research at the University of Hull

5th May 2017 

Prof Lucie Green, University College London

Solar eruptions: the most energetic events in the Sun's atmosphere

Semester 1

Date Seminar
5th October 2016

Dr Seshadri Nadathur, University of Portsmouth

Fundamental physics with cosmic superstructures: from theory to observation

19th October 2016

Prof Andrew Fabian, University of Cambridge

AGN Feedback, Hitomi and the Perseus Cluster

26th October 2016

Dr Aaron Ludlow, Durham University

Modeling non-linear structure in cold and warm dark matter cosmologies

9th November 2016

Dr David Wallis, University of Cambridge

Research at the Cambridge Centre for GaN

23rd November 2016 

Dr Nicolas Olivier, University of Sheffield

Imaging Across Scales: From Single Molecules to Embryos

7th December 2016

Prof Paul Bartlett, University of Bristol

Nanoparticle electrostatics: do like charges always repel?

14th December 2016

Dr Samuel Jones, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

Supernovae and their progenitor systems

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