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Dr Kevin Pimbblet

Kevin Pimbblet

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Kevin Pimbblet is a British-born Anglo-Celtic Australian who read his Ph.D. at the University of Durham (Collingwood College) in the UK. He spent the next 12 years in Australia as both a post-doc and a tenured teaching & research academic. He progressed his career at the University of Queensland (Brisbane) and Monash University (Melbourne), as well as undertaking a sabbatical research fellowship at the University of Oxford (Christ Church College). He joined the University of Hull in 2014.

Kevin is an extra-galactic astronomer and observational cosmologist. His research covers a large range of length scales from the "small" galaxy scale of kiloparsecs, to the largest scales of known structure in the Universe of over 100 Megaparsecs.

For more information, see Kevin's personal website.


Research group: Astrophysics and Gravitation 

Kevin is an experienced observational astronomer whose core research interests cover a number of modern topics in extra-galactic astrophysics, large-scale structure of the Universe and cosmology. These include:
  • Galaxy formation, environment and evolution over cosmologically significant time;
  • How stellar populations inside galaxies are effected by large-scale environment;
  • Clusters of galaxies, their kinematics, and their brightest galaxy members;
  • Filaments of galaxies that stretch for megaparsecs between galaxy clusters;
  • Large, wide-field and deep redshift surveys of the sky.
      image of galaxy
He has also published in allied and more diverse research fields along the way that include but are not limited to:
  • Astronomical image processing and automated galaxy classification;
  • The virtual observatory project and catalogue matching;
  • Quasar detection and evolution;
  • Dark energy and its influence on our cosmological model;
  • Astrophysics and physics education;
  • Random number generation, statistics, statistical methods, scientific sociology, and game theory.


A full, up-to-date, chronological list of Kevin's publications can be found here.

Kevin has authored over 100 publications during his career and (purely for interest), his maximum Erdos number is 4. (P. Erdős → H. S. Shapiro → M. Tegmark → D. J. Eisenstein, and others → K. A. Pimbblet).

In the absence of a Bacon number, below are a selection of representative publications from his career, with a slight bias for more recent ones.


Kevin is an international award winner (from both government and university levels) for his undergraduate teaching. He is a keen proponent of active learning paradigms and the Socratic method as preferred modes of teaching undergraduates and postgraduates respectively. He has been a change agent, leading curriculum reform at several institutes by replacing "traditional" lectures with more engaging problem-based and active learning modes. He has taught a wide variety of courses at tertiary level across a variety of institutions and student ability levels and in 2013 was responsible for building a studio physics environment at Monash University.

The subjects that he has taught over recent years include:

AS and A2 level physics

University Year 1 (incl. Head of Physics Education and Head of First Year at previous institutes):
Newtonian mechanics
Gravitational physics
Special relativity
Introductory thermodynamics
Introductory astronomy

University Year 2:
Stellar evolution
Extra-galactic astronomy and astrophysics
Galactic astrophysics

University Year 3 and 4:
Extra-galactic astronomy
Observational astronomy and imaging science
Research projects and research techniques
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