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Mercury's rare transit 

We are living in exciting astronomical times! On Monday May 9th there is going to be a rather rare event! Mercury is going to transit across the face of the Sun and will be visible from the UK. Not only that, its looking like we might have clear skies!

Here in the department we are running an observing event which due to how popular it is likely to be is reserved for students only. However, we would hate for any keen amateur astronomers to miss out, so check out this guide as to how to observe the event both successfully and more importantly-safely.

The golden rule here?! NEVER look directly at the sun, or even worse, observe it directly through a telescope. Only bad things will come from this. Follow the guide, do it safely and marvel at the amazing event!

Get any good photos? Send them in to and we can share the best ones :-)

Happy observing and clear skies for all!

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