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I joined Hull in September 2012, having been Head of the School of Applied Psychology in my native Cork (2008-2012), and Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Surrey (1995-2008). I feel honoured that each of these institutions have awarded me Honorary Professorships, and I continue to collaborate with academic in both Cork and Guildford.

Since joining Hull I have established the Departments Marketing Committee, and have, since January 2014, been Director of Research, as well as chairing the Department's Research Committee.

I am a Chartered Psychologist, and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.


I teach at all levels of our degree programmes, but my main involvements are with Learning & Cognition (Year 2), where I lecture on Thinking and Consciousness, and my final year optional course on the Psychology of Sleep.


Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the measurement of cognitive function; the factors that can protect (sleep, practice, aptitude, genes, pharmaceuticals) or challenge (sleep loss, circadian phase, pain, brain injury, age, inexperience) performance, and the relevance of what we measure under controlled laboratory circumstances to everyday functioning (e.g. activities of daily living, work, driving, etc). I am increasingly interested in the effects of disease and disability on sleep, and vice versa. Much of my work is necessarily multidisciplinary, and focuses increasingly on the biological and neurological underpinning of cognitive performance.

Key Publications


Books & Journal Editing

Groeger, J.A. (1997). Memory and remembering: Everyday memory in context. London: Addison -Wesley-Longman.

Groeger, J.A. (2000). Understanding Driving: applying cognitive psychology to a complex everyday task. Hove, U.K.: Psychology Press.

Groeger, J.A., (1998-2008; 2008-13). Co-editor/ Editor. Transportation Research: Traffic Psychology and behaviour. (Founded in 1998 with Talib Rothengatter).


Recent peer-reviewed journal articles (since 2012)

Lo, C.Y., Dijk, D-J., Groeger, J.A. (in press). Comparing the effects of nocturnal sleep and daytime napping on declarative memory consolidation.  PLoS ONE.

Groeger, J.A., Stanley, N., Deacon, S., Dijk, D.J. (2014). Dissociating Effects of Global SWS Disruption and Healthy Aging on Waking Performance and Daytime Sleepiness. Sleep, 37(6):1127-42.

Kennedy, P.J., Clarke, G., O’Neill, A., Groeger, J.A., Quigley, E.M.M., Shanahan, F., Cryan, J.F. & Dinan, T.G. (2014). Cognitive performance in irritable bowel syndrome: evidence of a stress-related impairment in visuospatial memory. Psychological Medicine, 44(7):1553-66.

Stephens, A.N. & Groeger, J.A. Following slower drivers: Lead driver status moderates driver’s anger and behavioural responses and exonerates culpability (2014). Transportation Research Part F Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 22, 140-149.

Santhi, N., Groeger, J.A., Archer, S.N., Gimenez, M., Schlangen, L.C.M., & Dijk, D.J. (2013). Morning Sleep inertia in Alertness and Performance: Effect of Cognitive Domain and White Light Conditions, PLoS ONE, 8(11):e79688.

Stephens, A.N., Trawley, S.L., Madigan, R., & Groeger, J.A. (2013). Drivers display anger-congruent attention to potential traffic hazards. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 2, 178-189.

Lo, C.Y., Groeger, J.A., Santhi, N., Arbon, E.L., Lazar, A.S., Hasan, S., von Schantz, M, Archer, S.N, Dijk, D-J., (2012.). Effects of partial and acute total sleep deprivation on performance across cognitive domains, individuals and circadian phase.  PLoS ONE, 7(9). e45987.

Lázár, A., Slak, A, Lo, J.C.Y., Santhi, N. von-Schantz, M., Archer, S.N., Groeger, J.A., & Dijk, D.J. (2012). Phenotypic variations in sleep timing, psychological and health measures in the PER3 VNTR. Chronobiology International, 29, 2, 131-146. 

Boyle, J. Groeger, J.A, Paska, W., Cooper, J.A., Rockett, C., Jones, S., Gandhi, P., Scott, J. Atzori,, G. & Dijk, D.J. (2012). A method to assess the dissipation of residual hypnotics: Eszopiclone versus Zopiclone. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 32(5):704-9.

Bettica, P., Squassante, L., Groeger, J.A., Gennery, B., Dijk, D.J., (2012). Differential effects of a dual orexin receptor antagonist (SB-649868) and zolpidem on sleep initiation and consolidation, SWS and REM sleep in a model of situational insomnia. Neurpsychopharmacology, 37(5):1224-33

Dijk, D.J., Stanley, N., Groeger, J.A., & Deacon, S. (2012). Enhanced SWS and Improved Sleep Maintenance after Gaboxadol Administration in a Traffic Noise Model of Transient Insomnia. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 6(8):1096-107.

Kennedy, P.J., G. Clarke, G., Quigley, E.M.M., Groeger., J.A., Dinan., T.G., Cryan. J.F. (2012). Gut Memories: Towards a Cognitive Neurobiology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 36(1):310-40. 



  1. Fitness to drive following neurological disorder: integrating off-road, simulated and on-road driver assessment. Road Safety Authority. Groeger (PI), 3 years from Jan 2011 (based at University College Cork, Ireland).

  2. Cognitive vulnerability following extended wakefulness in defined genotypes: Effects of sleep duration on sustained attention, executive function, and novel biomarkers: Dijk, (PI), Groeger (Senior Investigator), Archer, von Schantz & Smith. US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Period : 3 years from August 2008, extended to May 2012. (All investigators University of Surrey, except Groeger)

  3. Circadian and homeostatic contributions to physiology, cognition and genome-wide expression in human and mouse variants of the PER3 VNTR polymorphism. Dijk, (PI), Groeger, Archer, von Schantz, Johnston & Smith. BBSRC. Period: 3 years, from August 2008, extended to May 2012. (All investigators University of Surrey, except Groeger)

  4. Differential effects of sleep loss on overnight driving and cognitive performance as a function of age and polymorphisms of the PERIOD3 gene. Science Foundation Ireland. Groeger (PI), 4 years from Sept 2009. (based at University College Cork, Ireland).

  5. Learning about Driving Dangers: from hazard detection to hazard handling. Road Safety Authority. Groeger (PI), 3 years from June 2009. (based at University College Cork, Ireland).
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