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Dr Shane Lindsay

Shane Lindsay

Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology

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I joined Hull as a Lecturer in September 2014, following post-docs working at the University of Dundee, and the University of York, and a PhD at the University of Sussex.


My main teaching area is foundation and first year undergraduate research methods and statistics.

For courses I teach, see canvas.


My research concerns the relationship of the language system with perception, action, sleep and memory. I have a specialisation in psycholinguistics and have conducted studies of language learning, sub-lexical processing, lexical processing and semantics, and discourse level processing. While psycholinguistics has been my focus, my work is interdisciplinary. Its goal has been to understand the embedding of the language system in its broader context of a brain specialised for the goals of perception and action, rather than seeing language as an isolated modular system. This research has used behavioural measures, eye tracking and cognitive neuroscience methods, including fMRI, TMS and polysomnography.

See my website for more details.


See my website for more research  details.


20122015 ESRC Grant ES/I038586/1. £300,714 Co-investigator with M.G. Gaskell. Reactivation of declarative memory during sleep.
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