New UCAS Tariff

The new UCAS Tariff – what’s changed?

The UCAS Tariff – the points system that universities use to set course entry requirements – is changing for students who plan to start university from 1 September 2017 onwards.

If you compare 2016 entry requirements with 2017 requirements, the number of points you need to enter university appears to be a lot lower in 2017. This is because UCAS are attaching fewer points to qualifications - for example, an A* grade at A level will be worth 56 points from 2017 onwards, instead of 140 in 2016. So you will still need to achieve the same grades at A level or BTEC to get into university, but the way they are counted has changed.

All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to attract points under the new system, so a tariff score could be made up of A levels, BTECs, or a combination.

AS levels

Under the new system, AS levels will be worth 40% of an A level, instead of 50%. At Hull, we do not count results in the same subject at both AS and A levels – also known as double-counting. So if you do an AS and an A level in, for example, History, only the A level will count towards your tariff score, regardless of which is the better grade.

What next?

You can see our typical entry requirements on each course page. You can work out what your qualifications will be worth under the new system by using this UCAS Tariff points calculator. To find out more about the tariff and how it works, you can read more on the official UCAS pages about the new system.

If you are uncertain about anything, or confused in any way by these changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly admissions team who will be happy to explain exactly how these changes will affect you.


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