The University of Hull – the 'friendly university' – puts students at the heart of everything we do. We're also proud of our academic reputation, which reflects the high quality of the education we provide and our reputation for helping to prepare students for their life and career beyond their programme of study.

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What others have said about Hull

"Anyone who goes to Hull will tell you it's friendly and down to earth, with a diverse population and a very low cost of living". The Guardian, June 2013.

"Good networks .. amazing quality of life, disposable income is really high and a big sell ... Hull is not your classic gritty industrial Northern City, it is a nice City with great access to countryside and space". Robert Crampton, Journalist, The Times, June 2011.

"Hull is Yorkshire's secret haven. I love coming to Hull. More people should come here. The City is full of interest and the countryside around it is spectacular - it is some of the most stunning in England". Gyles Brandreth, writer, broadcaster, presenter and comedian, June 2011.

Hull has a reputation for being a friendly, down-to-earth university with low living costs, and as a self-sufficient campus institution, trips into the city-centre aren’t often necessary. This means it has developed a very strong sense of identity and community which – along with its world class research facilities – many students love.  Stonewall Gay by degree Guide

Hull will be the City of Culture 2017.