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Join the reuse revolution!

Every minute over one million disposable cups are sent to landfill. Pretty shocking stuff eh?

The good news is that there’s a really simple way you can help to reduce waste and carbon emissions whilst still enjoy your morning coffee.

KeepCups are the world’s first barista standard, reusable coffee cup and they’re now available from all our cafes priced at £6.50. We’re delighted to be selling them and working towards a more sustainable future for the university so when you buy one we’ll give you your first hot drink for free and then 10p off each time you use it.

What more reason do you need? Join the reuse revolution today!

Disposable cups vs KeepCups

In the battle between disposable cups vs KeepCups there is only one winner! There are lots of benefits to using a KeepCup compared to a disposable cup. Find out more on the KeepCup website.

Look what you've achieved so far!

Well done University of Hull KeepCup users, look at the difference you've made since we started selling KeepCups in September 2014! You can track your individual usage at on the KeepCup website.

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