Disability Services

Note Takers

The University of Hull’s team of note takers provide a professional note taking service for students who are unable to take notes themselves. These notes are typed and emailed to the student in a standard format. We expect all of our note takers to deliver notes to the student within 7 days of the lecture or seminar, and will intervene if this service is not provided within the prescribed time frame. Students using note takers are not expected to sit with them in lectures if this does not feel comfortable, but they are required to sign the note taker’s timesheet regularly. Failure to do so could mean your support worker does not receive payment. Most note takers liaise directly with the students they are working for to arrange an appropriate time to meet to complete this task.

Students using note takers must adhere to certain guidelines in order to continue gaining support. The presence of a note taker is not a substitute for your attendance in a lecture. Non-attendance will be noted and continued instances could lead to the withdrawal of support. Whilst we understand that sometimes a student’s disability may make attendance difficult, we must adhere to the guidelines set out by the bodies that fund the cost of this support through the DSA.    The funding bodies often refuse to continue paying for support workers when a student is not attending. If you are ill and will not be attending a lecture, please call the Disability Services office on (01482) 462020 (Hull Campus) or 01723 357311 (Scarborough Campus) so that we can inform your note taker. An answering machine is available for you to leave a message and these messages are checked regularly. We ask that you give at least 24 hours notice of non-attendance where possible, otherwise your support worker will still be able to claim payment.

Sometimes lectures and seminars are moved around at short notice. Remember that on such occasions your support worker may not be aware of the change. Again, we ask that you inform Disability Services on (01482) 462020 (Hull Campus) or 01723 357311 (Scarborough Campus) as soon as possible so that we can contact your support worker.

Occasionally, note takers are ill and unable to attend. We ask that they also provide us with 24 hours notice so that alternative support arrangements can be made. Usually a group message is sent to the entire team to ask if anyone can cover. However, sometimes this is simply not possible due to the timetables of those who are available. We will always try and inform you before the lecture or seminar that a note taker will not be present, and will strive to ensure that subsequent lectures are covered.

To arrange a note taker if you are entitled to one, you must bring your timetable to Disability Services as soon as you have it. We cannot arrange support until we know what you need! We then try to match your timetable with note takers who can cover the required sessions. Whilst we try to keep the number of note takers per student to a minimum, it is not usually possible for one note taker to cover the whole of your timetable. However, all of our note takers undergo the same training so the notes you receive should all be of a similar high standard.

Finally, should you have any queries or concerns about the service you receive from a support worker, contact the Disability Services office on (01482) 462020 (Hull Campus) or 01723 357311 (Scarborough Campus), alternatively pop in to see us on the Third Floor of Student Central (Hull Campus) or Room C1, First Floor, Scarborough campus.

If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact the Disability Services office on (01482) 462020 (Hull Campus) or 01723 357311 (Scarborough Campus), alternatively pop in to see us on the Third Floor of Student Central (Hull Campus) or Room C1, First Floor, Scarborough campus.

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