University of Hull Bursary

What is it for?

To help those least able to afford any remaining up-front costs. 

In order to be eligible for the University of Hull Bursary, students will need to register for a full three or four-year degree programme. Registration for partial awards will make students ineligible for the bursary.    

How much can I get?

This is a one-off non-repayable award of £3,000 given in your first year of study to all those with an annual residual household income of less than £25,000.

University of Hull Bursary Options.

In addition to a £1500 fee waiver, ONE of the following options (each worth £1500) is available to each  bursary awardee in 2012/13

  • Further fee waiver of £1500
  • Cash of £1000 plus further fee waiver of £500
  • Cash of £1000 plus Accommodation Discount of £500
  • Cash of £500 plus Accommodation Discount of £1000
  • Accommodation Discount of £1500
  • Cash of £1000 plus Food to value of £500
  • Cash of £1000 plus IT support package worth £500 


How do I apply?

You will be automatically considered for this Bursary and do not need to apply directly to the University, as long as the 'consent to share' box on your Student Finance England (SFE) application form is ticked.

Please note: Contact SFE directly on 0845 300 50 90 if you have un-ticked this box in error.

When do I pay it back?

You don’t - The University of Hull Bursary is not repayable! 


Under the National Scholarships Programme we regret the following groups of students are ineligible for University bursaries and scholarships. Visit HEFCE for further details.

National Regulations – ineligible students

  • Students who fail to submit information to permit calculation of RHI or whose assessment gives RHI of £25,000 or more p.a.
  • NHS funded students
  • Students directly continuing from one course to another (for example from foundation degree to HND onto the second or final year of an honours degree)
  • Students transferring in from another institution
  • Students undertaking a postgraduate qualification
  • Students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Part time students studying at less than 25% intensity of the full-time equivalent
  • Any other student whose fees are paid or part paid through a sponsorship arrangement
  • Students on courses funded by NHS, including those on Social Work courses

University Regulations – ineligible students

  • Any student not paying £9,000 per year tuition fee (including pro rata p/t)
  • Foundation year students (can be considered on entering the ‘first year’ of their degree)
  • Foundation Degree students
  • Students awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship


Eligible students are entitled to either the University of Hull Bursary or University of Hull Scholarship, students cannot receive both awards.

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