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Hull Pioneer Fund

Here at the University of Hull we are setting up a new giving club.  We aim to establish a group of aspirational committed donors who give to the Pioneer Fund with gifts of £1,000 or more in an academic year.  The Vice-Chancellor, Calie Pistorius is our first Hull Pioneer and we are looking for donors to join him in this exciting opportunity to lead personal philanthropy at the University.  We want to build philanthropic support for the University through the Hull Pioneer Fund, so that Hull alumni and other supporters can directly contribute to the University’s success.

The Pioneer Fund will enhance strategic activities across the University and will allow us to move much more quickly and efficiently on opportunities that will deliver real impact in key areas, such as research and scholarships.  Hull Pioneers will receive impact reports and regular updates on the projects that they have funded, and will have the opportunity to meet the beneficiaries of the Fund who will really bring to life the difference that philanthropic giving can make at a University.

Next year we will hold the official launch of the Hull Pioneer Fund, and look forward to thanking and recognising our inaugural Hull Pioneers.  More information about the launch and activities will follow.

If you would like further information or would like to have a chat about becoming a Hull Pioneer, please contact Crystal Ness, Development Officer, on 01482 465718 or

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