Development and Alumni Relations

Student Support Fund

We are committed to supporting our students and enhancing their experience whilst studying at the University. The Development and Alumni Relations Office facilitates this through its fundraising efforts, from alumni, staff and friends of the University. Student Support encompasses a wide range of services, from Bursaries and Hardship to Career Development and Employability. Overall it adds value to the University of Hull student experience.


Over 40% of our students come from low income households where the household income is less than £25k/annum. These students do not get any extra support in their 2nd and 3rd years of study and can find it increasingly difficult to complete their studies.

Through the donations we receive we aim to establish a bursary scheme to help support these students by offering an Academic Book Bursary for low income students of £100 per year.

Student Hardship

The University has a long history of supporting student hardship and each year donations from our alumni and friends contribute to this Fund. This ensures that students who are in dire financial difficulty and would otherwise not be able to complete their studies are in a position to do so.

Sports Development

The Sports Development Fund was set up in 2012 to enhance the funding that the University received from Sport England to encourage all HE students to participate in 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. A Sports Development Co-ordinator (SDC) facilitates all manner of different kinds of sports from the traditional to the less traditional like Zumba and Futsal. Research shows, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Exercise promotes well-being, a positive mental attitude and also creates friendship groups. Already with the donations from our alumni and friends we have been able to fund a Sports Opportunities Coordinator (SOC). The SOC will work with our Students’ Union sports clubs to provide club development, volunteer development as well as ensuring there is a wider range of competitive sports leagues on campus enhancing the University’s sporting programme. This funding also helped to develop and implement a Student Sports Activator Programme which will give our students the opportunity to experience and document volunteer projects that will support them in their career development.

Careers Development and Employability

The Careers Service has set up a new initiative to ensure that our students and new graduates are in the best possible position to gain employment by offering internships and work experience placements. Funding is required to assist the students and new graduates with transportation costs and set up costs of this incredibly useful and worthwhile initiative.

Graduate Internships
Offers relevant work experience for new graduates in their chosen field - 8/10/12 weeks paid work experience.

Student Internships
Summer/vacation work placements for our current students to enable them to gain the experience needed to ensure that they are in the best possible position to apply for a career in their chosen field.

To be able to run the Internship Programmes funding needs to be available for:

  • Transportation
  • Help towards salary costs

If graduates/alumni are interested in offering a placement for an Internship please contact

Also the Careers Service run e-mentoring projects and are looking for mentors. Graduates can apply online

If graduates are in a position to recruit staff, the Careers Service can post jobs online and forward them to our students and graduates.

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