Registry Services

Your University Record

It is extremely important that the information we hold on your record is correct. The name we have on your record will appear on your Certificate and Transcript. Documents and letters will be sent to the addresses that we have on your record. 

Change of Name

Whilst at the University your name may change due to marriage, deed poll etc. To change your name on your University record you must complete a Change of Name Form. Along with the form you must send proof of the name change by providing us with a copy of an official document i.e. driving licence, passport, marriage certificate, deed poll document etc. The form can be handed in at the AskHU desk on the 2nd floor of Student Central, or it can be emailed to . On the form you can request that your University email address be changed. The University can also provide you with a new student card if you wish. 

Changing your Address

The University holds a Term-Time address and a Home address on your record. If you move, you can easily change addresses on MyAdmin yourself.

Other information we hold

As part of the admissions and registration process, you will be asked to provide an emergency contact; ideally a family member. This will be held on your record in case of an emergency. It can be amended throughout your studies on MyAdmin. This University will also ask you to provide a personal email address and a mobile telephone number. The first method of contact by the University will normally be your University email address and also your postal addresses. These can also be changed at any time during your studies on MyAdmin.

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