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Appointment Attendance Policy

Student Wellbeing, Learning and Welfare Support provide a service for students who require some form of support during their time at University. Our service is provided in a variety of ways: through drop-ins, one to one appointments or group activity and can be via face to face appointments, telephone or Skype. There is a high demand for appointments and to ensure we can meet the increasing demands placed upon the service, it is crucial that our time is used to its most effective. It is therefore essential that students accessing our service attend the appointments which have been provided for them.

As some of our work is funded through public monies, it is important that we are able to demonstrate an efficient service to our users and avoid long waiting times for students to access us. You can help us achieve this by informing us if you are unable to attend.

We understand entirely that in some instances it is not possible to make appointments however what we do request is that you inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend for your appointment. By informing us in a timely manner, this will mean we are able to offer the appointment to someone else and hence reduce time wastage.

Our policy on missed appointments is that where students have failed to attend two appointments without informing us, and/or without providing us with at least 24 hours’ notice they will then return to the bottom of the waiting list. Clearly we understand there may be times when it is not possible to provide at least 24 hours’ notice however wherever possible, we do ask that you try to inform us as soon as possible.

For those students who receive funded support for specialist tuition, the rules determined by the National funding body are that if two appointments are missed within a term without notice, they will then not be able to access support again until the next term.

The easiest way to avoid either of the two possible consequences is to inform us if you are not able to attend. To cancel or rearrange your appointment, please telephone 01482 462222 or go to the AskHU desk, 2nd floor University House. When you call to cancel your appointment you will be able to book an alternative time to be seen. As said situations arise which means appointments need to be cancelled which is not a problem at all.

Please help us to ensure we use our appointments effectively, thank you.

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