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Mature Students

The Mature Student Adviser post reflects the University's commitment to recruiting and supporting mature students. It is also recognition that mature students often have different needs to those of traditional undergraduates.

Who is a mature student?

A mature student is anyone aged at least 21 at the point of undergraduate registration or 25 for postgraduates. Presently about 30% of the full-time, first year undergraduates are mature.

What services are provided?

The Mature Student Adviser can see students on an individual and confidential basis to help sort out issues.

It may be that you feel you need some help but you are not sure where to go. The Mature Student Adviser can help identify which support service might best meet your need. Sometimes it's a case of feeling overwhelmed and unclear about which problem to tackle first. In this instance it might be useful to have someone to help you clarify the issues and prioritise them. It might be that you just feel you want someone to listen who is empathic.

Prospective students

Mature students have a variety of reasons for wanting to return to education. Whatever your reason, making an informed decision is crucial. If you have applied or are thinking of applying to university but you have unanswered questions you may want to come along to one of our information sessions where we will provide information and answer your questions.

Please email or telephone for advice and guidance.

Volunteer students

Are you a current mature student who may be interested in volunteering to help with mature student events? If you would like more details please contact Karen.

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