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History, archaeology and history of art - statue


Dane Wright, BA History and Archaeology

Dane WrightAfter school I trained as a welder and undertook a number of manual jobs, but gained an interest in archaeology. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hull and have adapted well to academic work, with support from the friendly staff. Archaeology has become such a passion that in between my first and second years I spent the entire summer on excavations. Meeting students from other universities, I found that the course at Hull provides a good grounding in many theoretical and practical perspectives which are not always covered in larger departments.

I feel that the smaller groups at Hull have allowed a much more in-depth approach to learning and have engaged students in important current debates. If you’re interested in the past and want to learn in a supportive environment, then Hull is the place.

Alice Dixon, BA History with History of Art

Alice DixonThe History Department, with its friendly and helpful atmosphere, has supported every step of my academic progress through the three years during which I have had the privilege to attend.

I can safely say that this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

Ian Gardner, BA (Hons) History, graduated 2003

The history course at Hull widened my skills and understanding in a vast number of ways. The study of history developed skills including writing, research, presentation and analytical thinking - just some of the areas employers often claim university students are found lacking. Two particular highlights were the maritime history focus, including studying at Blaydes House, and the 'What if' module which encouraged a consideration of the nature of the discipline via critical analysis.

The decision to study at Hull was genuinely one of the best of my life. The university was a fantastic place to develop as a person including socially and academically. Looking back at myself pre and post Hull I can only now realise how transformative the experience was and how well the university supported this.